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Enrollment of International Students in Bengal was Welcomed

  On August 2nd, 2017, Dai Lei and Yang Yan went to Bengal to enroll international students. They are the deputy director and managerial personnel of the office of international affairs. They held two enrollment program meetings in Dhaka and Chittagong. It was very welcomed and two hundred students and parents participated in it. 

Dai Lei and Yang Yan introduced SWPU, preponderant programs and enrollment policy of 2017. After introduction, students and parents actively asked questions, which were answered by Dai Lei and Yang Yan patiently. About 80 percent of students submitted application materials. After scrutinizing students’ grades in high school and English proficiency level, Dai Lei and Yang Yan presented pre-admission notice to twenty-five students with grade A for every item.

Dai Lei introduced SWPU

Yang Yan introduced enrollment policy to students

Students listened attentively

Students actively asked questions

Dai Lei presented pre-admission notice to students

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