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Vice-president of University of Huddersfield Visits SWPU

On May 19th, Dave Taylor (the vice-president of University of Huddersfield), Huang Huohua (the director of International Relations Department), and Chen Jia (chief representative of China Representative Office ), etc visit SPWU. They inspect conditions of school operation and have reached a consensus for cooperation.

They visit state key laboratory, IT laboratory, network engineering laboratory, embedded system laboratory, engineering training center, students’ dormitory, etc.

We have reached a consensus for cooperation and will carry out cooperative school program in majors of chemistry, mechanics, new energy, etc. Teachers from Britain will teach in SWPU, and students can get graduation certificate and degree from both SWPU and University of Huddersfield.

The director of University of Huddersfield has been to SWPU to communicate many times. Julie Wilkinson once was invited to give a lecture for students of School of Computer Science.

University of Huddersfield has reputation in researches of many fields. Precision technology research center is recognized the best by the British, ranking top three in Europe. Besides, University of Huddersfield also has strong influence on electronic engineering, social work, music, information technology.(by Li Yang

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