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SWPU and CNPC Southwest Pipeline Company Signed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

Release Date:Mar 5, 2018    author:

On March 5th, general manager Wu Zhiming and executive vice general manager Zou Yongsheng of CNPC Southwest Pipeline Company led a delegation of 7 people and visited Southwest Petroleum University. SWPU party secretary Sun Yiping, principal Zhao Jinzhou, and vice principal Zhang Liehui met with the delegation in Conference Room 810 of the Administration Building. The university and the company signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.

According to the agreement, both parties will cooperate in scientific researches and talent training. The details include the joint establishment of the “research institute of oil and gas pipeline technologies”, training provided by the university for high-level technology and management personnel of the company, the exchange of technology personnel, and the cooperation in internship and employment of students.


Both parties were signing the strategic cooperation agreement


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