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University Held the 2018 Chinese New Year’s Greeting Party for Students on Campus during Winter Holiday

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At noon on Feb. 13th (28th of the twelfth month of the lunar calendar), the university held the 2018 Chinese New Year’s greeting party for students on campus during winter holiday in the second student dining hall. Zhao Zhengwen, the university’s vice party secretary and more than 900 students together celebrated the upcoming new year.

The dining hall was freshly decorated. Ribbons, lanterns and music created a rich new year atmosphere. Delicate food, beer, soft drinks and fruit platters were served on more than 90 round tables. Students gathered around these tables with joy and happiness.

Zhao Zhengwen made a toast to all people present, full of passion. He wished a happy new year to all students, hoping that everyone could make a call home saying everything was good. Then, all faculties and students raised the glasses and welcomed the Chinese New Year, wishing a better future for Southwest Petroleum University. During the party, Zhao gave all students “red packets”.

Different from past years, more than 150 international students joined the party this year. They came from more than 30 different countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Yemen, India, Bangladesh, UK, Zambia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Madagascar, Kenya, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Thailand and so on.

In addition, the party had a lottery draw. The prizes included Kindle E-reader, Mi Band 2, Mi Power Bank, Bluetooth speakers and flash drives. 26 students won the prizes.


Zhao was giving red packets to students (1)


Zhao was giving red packets to students (2)


Zhao was giving red packets to students on campus during winter holiday (3)


Zhao was giving red packets to students on campus during winter holiday (4)


Beni from Rwanda was lucky enough to win an E-reader

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