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Doctor Zhong Xiankang Obtained Continual Support from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and Was Received by the German President

Release Date:Sep 7, 2017    author:

From June 28thto June 30thin 2017,Dr. Zhong Xiankang, a young teacher of SWPU, was invited to participate in the annual Humboldt scholar meeting in Berlin, Germany. Frank Walter Steinmeier, the president of Germany, received Humboldt scholars participating in this meeting,the highest reception for Humboldt scholars. Dr. Zhong Xiankang talked to the president face to face and took photos with him.

Dr. Zhong Xiankang once obtained one-year support for his research in the field of engineering science fromAlexander von Humboldt Foundation in December,2015.Nowadays, he works at Iron and Steel Institute of Max Planck Institute in Germany. At the beginning of June,2017, under the strict evaluation of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, he has obtained one-year support owe to his important research achievement and recommendation from his supervisor.

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation was founded in 1860 which enjoys a high academic reputation in the world. It mainly offers support to young outstanding scientists in the world in order to promote communication and international academic cooperation. The evaluation standard is whether the applicant is of prominent academic level and research capability.‍

The photo of Doctor Zhong Xiankang and the president of Germany

Certificate of support fromAlexander von Humboldt Foundation

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