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The Second Chinese Class in SWPU Was Completed

Release Date:Jun 27, 2017    author:

On the morning of June 23rd, SWPU held the closing ceremony of the second Chinese training class. Forty-two international students finished their Chinese learning tasks and passed the exam successfully.

Among these international students who took part in the Chinese training class, twenty-nine students were from Russia, and thirteen students were from India, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Ghana, Tanzania, etc.

Alisa, Eli and Hasson, the representative of international students, delivered speeches in Chinese. They expressed their gratitude to SWPU for providing good living and learning condition to them. In addition, they thought their Chinese was much better and the process of learning Chinese was very unforgettable. In the end, they expressed that they would continue learning Chinese in order to have a better understanding of China.

Finally, the leaders of SWPU awarded certificates and gifts to international students as well as took group photos with them.

The group photo of the leader in SWPU and international students

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