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The Role of Fluid Property Analysis

The Role of Fluid Property Analysis

Speaker: Dr. Na Jia

Time: 9:30am on August 25th, 2017

Place: A403 in State Key Laboratory


As it is known to all, a significant amount of oil remained untapped within the oilfield after traditional primary and secondary productions. With a decreasing production in the maturing fields, the demand for the novel and efficient enhance oil recovery (EOR) techniques has been ever increased, especially under the current restricted environmental regulations.

However,the most representative fluid properties and key parameters that are essential to apply EOR in reservoir exploration and production processes and toidentify possible negative outcomes are still in the research domain.

In this talk, focuses are given on various laboratory techniques of fluid property analysis for the EOR processes, which include miscibility investigation, high pressure/high temperature phase equilibrium tests, flow assurance studies, etc.

The combination of lab fluid analysis technique with numerical simulation will be beneficial to the feasibility study and the process development, and thus reduce the overall cost and time for the EOR projects.

Teachers and students are welcome to attend.

Host Unit: State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Development Engineering, School of Oil & Natural Gas Engineering, Science and Technology Department of SWPU.

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