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Modern University and Creative Talents


Title: Modern University and Creative Talents


Speaker: Academician Zhu Jingwu


Time: 4:00 pm on March 29th,2017


Place: Academic Hall, Library


MainContent: How should modern universities develop? How to cultivate creativetalents?


About Speaker: Mr. Zhu Jingwu, Chinese American, is the academician of five academies: the National Academy of  Sciences of the United States of  America, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Chinese Academy of  Sciences, the Russian Academy of  Engineering as well as the Third World Academy of  Sciences. Mr. Zhu Jingwu is a famous super conductor physicist and has made great accomplishments. He served as a director in super conducting center in Texas and won the National Medal of Science, Mattia Prize and John Fritz Award. In 2001, he served as the second president of  Hong Kong University of  Science and Technology, ranking 25 among the global engineering universities in 2004.


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