Wang Bin

Dr. Wang Bin

Born: Sep.1970

Professional Title:

Chair Professor of  "1000 Talent Plan" of Sichuan Province

Member of  professional organizations:

1.member of glass fiber  reinforced plastics/ composite material

2.committee member of  Polymer-based Committee of Chinese Society for Composite Materials and the  member of Chinese Society for Composite Materials

Research Areas:

high performance  fiber resin and its composite material characterization and forming process

Projects of  national/provincial/university level:

implement more than  10 major projects of national key program and engineering application research  of key materials

National/provincial/university  awards:

“Fifteen” advanced researcher on rocket solid propellant  technology by state ministry

Educational  Background:

2004,majoring in materials science and engineering, Xi'an Jiao  Tong University

Published Works:

1.9 articles on the  national defense science and technology report

2.more than 40 papers

Major Technology  Awards:

1.1 first prize, 1  second prize and 2 third prize of the national defense science and technology  progress

Main Patent:

1.9 national authorized  invention patents

2.1 establishment of  enterprise standards, 1 establishment of industry standards and 1 establishment  of national standards


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