Tang Junlei

Dr. Tang Junlei


Current Position:

1.Institute Professor  (associate professor title)

2.in charge of  corrosion protection and Electrochemistry Laboratory (COSTE Lab)

Professional Title:

"1000 Talent  Plan" of Sichuan Province

Member of  professional organizations:

member and Deputy  Secretary General of Specialized Committee of China Association for corrosion  and protection

Research Areas:

1.material corrosion  and protection, corrosion monitoring, electrochemistry, metal surface  engineering

2.environmental  degradation and protection of materials (petrochemicals), integrity monitoring  of materials structures, material surface engineering (and functionalization),  electrocatalysis

Published Works:

23 papers in the  domestic and foreign journals (SCI, a total of 17)

Main Patent:

2 Chinese authorized patents


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