Shao Yongbo

Dr.Shao Yongbo

Born:Dec.29, 1973  

Current Position:

1.supervisor for PhD  candidates

2.editor in chief of  " Journal "marine engineering of Civil Engineering and  Architecture"

3.assessment  expert of 18 SCI International Journal

Member of  professional organizations:

1.member  of the stability and fatigue Chinese Steel Structure Branch Association

2.assessment  expert of Poland Education Committee

3.“thousand  person plan" of Sichuan Province

4."Chair  Specialist of Sichuan Province"

Research Areas:
 mechanical analysis  and safety assessment and protection of marine engineering structures
 Projects of  national/provincial/university level:

1.Undertake  and participate in 4 National Natural Science Fund

2.Undertake  and participate in 3 provincial fund

4  national/provincial/university awards:

1.second  prize of Chinese Marine Engineering Science and technology

2.third  prize of Shandong Province Natural Science  paper award of international conference 2 times

Educational  Background:

1.2005,  Doctor Degree, majoring in construction and environmental engineering in  Nanyang Technology University

2.2000,  Master Degree, majoring in mechanical engineering in Tsinghua University

3.1997,  Bachelor Degree, majoring in mechanical engineering in Tsinghua University

Major Research  Projects:

1.president  of the International Conference twice a  keynote speech at the International Conference (keynote speech) 4 times

3.make  reports in Nanyang Technology University in Singapore and Turkey East  University Mediterranean College and other international academic 3 times

Published Works:

1.more  than 130 papers, including 38 SCI papers (cited more than 360 times)

2.2  monographs and textbooks



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