Zhou Ming

Dr. Zhou Ming

Born: Aug. 1973

Current Position:

Executive deputy  director of the source polymer materials school research center

Professional Tittle:

1. Professor

2. Ph.D tutor

3. "polymer  materials of oil and gas field and application" academic team leader

4. Specialist of  One Thousand Talents Plan of Sichuan province

5. Candidate of  academic and technical leaders of Sichuan province

6. Candidate of  Southwest Petroleum University excellent Personnel funding program

7. Permanent  reseacher of oil and natural gas reservoir geology and development of State Key  Lab

8. Southwest  Petroleum University academic backbone teacher

9. Outstanding  teacher of Southwest Petroleum University

Research Areas: Polymer  materials of oil and gas field

Major Research Projects:
 More than 20 projects of provincial  level and national level (including projects of Chinese        National Natural Science Foundation )

 2 Major Technology Awards of provincial level



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