Luo Renze

Dr. Luo Renze    

Born: Sept. 1973

Professional Title:


2.Ph.D tutor

3.Member of Thousand  Talents Plan in Sichuan province

4.Technical leader  of Sichuan province

5.Distinguished  specialist of Sichuan province

6.Permanent  researcher of the State Key Laboratories in the fields of oil and natural gas  reservoir geology and program development

7.Candidate of  Southwest Petroleum University talents

8.Leader of sci-tech  innovation teams in universities and colleges in the fields of oil and gas  exploration and information technology of Sichuan province

9.Leader of  disciplines of geosciences & technology and oil gas signal detection and  information processing.

Research Areas:

1. Geological  resource and geological engineering

2. Information and  communication engineering

3.New methods of  its interdisciplinary, new technology and new instrumentation

Major Research  Projects:
 More than 40  national and provincial level projects, including projects of Funds of the        National Natural Science Foundation of  China.

 5 awards of  national and provincial level  

Published Works:

1.More than 100  academic papers ( including60 SCI papers and EI papers )

2. 2 academic  monographs

20 main patents

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