Guo Baiyun

Dr.Guo Baiyun

 Current Position:

1.tenured professor, an assistant professor, a senior director of the  center for the optimization of the oil of petroleum engineering in Louisiana College


Professional Title:
 1.National "Thousand Talents Program"
 2."Hundred Talents Program" of Sichuan province
 3.SPE distinguished engineer of American Association of petroleum  engineers
 4."distinguished professor" awarded by the Chevron I / BORSF in  2001
 5."outstanding teacher" of New Mexico Mining Institute of  technology in 1993
 Research Areas:
 oil and gas development in the field of new technology research and  development
 Educational Background:
 1.1992,  Doctor Degree, majoring in mining and petroleum engineering, New Mexico  Institute of technology
 2. 1989, Master Degree, majoring in mineral science and technology,  University of Montana College
 3.1982, Bachelor Degree, majoring in Petroleum Engineering, Daqing  Petroleum Institute
 3 projects of national/provincial/university award:
 1."special  support" awarded by the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center flight project  headquarters in 2003
 2."Outstanding Contribution Award" in petroleum engineering  production and operation by SPE / southeastern North American in 2009
 3."Outstanding Contribution Award" of Petroleum Engineering  College in SPE eastern region in 2012
 Published Works:
 1.Over 60 academic papers
 2.6 monographs (
Calculation of  Underbalanced Drilling Gas Volume Flow (2 Edition), The wide application of international  gas underbalanced drilling technologymonograph)
 Main Patent:
 10 items of international patent


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